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GMS Advisors takes the time to get to know you, to understand your career plans and goals so we can help you achieve them. We want to find the career opportunity that works for you, where you can be happy and productive moving toward your personal and professional goals.


GMS Advisors greatly appreciates all referrals including job seekers and new business opportunities. As part of our thanks we offer a very generous referral bonus to anyone that refers their friends and/or colleagues to us.

GMS Advisors encourages you to refer everyone you know. Those that are currently in the job market and those that are not. We will ensure you receive our gratitude and your referral bonus whether we help your referral now or 10+ years from now.

Job Seeker/Candidate Referrals

Not only are you helping your friends by introducing them to a team that will treat them right, but also you benefit yourself financially when we are able to help them.


  1. Person referred must be a new contact for GMS Advisors.
  2. It’s always best to send your recruiter the contact info of your referral (to avoid confusion). The alternative it to have your referral mention your name when he/she contacts us.
  3. Referral must complete 90 days (our guarantee time) with the client to be awarded the referral bonus.

Client Referrals

Additionally you can earn a referral bonus by referring us to hiring managers or other potential job leads. Please contact your GMS Advisors representative for more details.